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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  July 28, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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the beginning and shouldn't have been let on the plane and they were acting kind of funny. >> reporter: american airlines said the flight crew was escorting one of the unruly passengers off the plane when a second passenger intervened and he alleged his friend wasn't drunk or on drugs but on medication and then witnesses say the second passenger attacked the pilot. >> the guy just lost it. i mean, the guy that was ill just walked right up to the captain and he just went, bam, and slapped him really hard and the captain was stunned and so was everybody on the plane. >> reporter: american airlines says both men louise and jonathan baez attacked the pilot again in the walkway from the plane to the gate. that's when marcus candia got out of his seat and ran to help. >> he struck the officer again and struck a lady again so we followed them out and that's when we followed them out through the corridor and subdued him and got him on the ground.
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>> ken also jumped on the baez'. >> there was a scuffle that took place about three or four of us went out there and tackled the guy and there was two of them, tackled them. >> reporter: a criminal affidavit says at one point louise baez told the pilot when you fly to san juan i'll have you killed. san juan is the capitol of puerto rico. >> he had him down on the ground. they were beating the crap out of. >> reporter: the airline said the pilot had blurry vision on his left eye as a result of the beating and they worry the damage could be permanent. back to you. in other news, a san jose man is being called a hero of saving the lives of a father and daughter unconscious at the bottom of a swimming pool. it happened before 9:00 in san jose last night. friends say the father was playing in the pool with his 6-year-old daughter on his shoulders. moments later friends heard nothing coming from the pool and
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noticed two bodies at the bottom of the deep end. neighbors jumped into action and pulled the two out of the water. a resident performed cpr and received them before the paramedics arrived. >> the guy was just laying down. he was breathing but he didn't look normal. so i'm glad it all ended up, you know, pretty okay. it could have been a lot worse. >> reporter: it's still unclear why the father and daughter went under. neighbors aren't aware of any health problems they have and a friend says the father can swim but he's not a strong swimmer. the residents of the complex will hold a meeting about treating others in life-saving cpr. it might be the most talked about robbery in the country. alex tribeck is recovering. the "jeopardy" host will have surgery to fix his torn achilles. he injured himself while chasing after a burglary suspect at san francisco's marriott marquis
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hotel. the suspect's appearance was postponed until monday lucinda moyers. and today they cancelled the hearing so they can review whether she's a third-strike offender. she had been convicted of two crimes 20 years ago. >> this has been charged is what we refer to as a hot-prowl burglary, meaning the individuals were in the room or we're alleged the individual in the room at the time the case was charged which would be a separate allegation that we've attached to the first degree burglary charge and if a conviction were to occur an increased or enhanced sentence. >> moyers was arrested on wednesday morning, tribeck said she entered his hotel room and stole wallet and jewelry before he chased her down. he's expected to be in a cast for the next six weeks. take the pain and inconvenience out of your next emergency room visit. one bay area hospital allows you
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to reserve a spot in the e.r. online. our medical reporter, maryann favreau gives us an exclusive look at the services available. >> here as ucsf if you have a none life-threatening minor medical emergency you can check into the emergency department online and wait at home. instead of being in an emergency department waiting room filled with sick people. all it takes is a few key board strokes. explain your problem, pay $4.99 and pick an available time slot. >> they can sign in and be able to be grocery shopping or sitting in their office or sitting at home and come to the emergency department two or three hours later and be seen within 15 minutes. >> reporter: compare that to the two to three hours most patients log in the e.r. waiting room. something patricia russian would be glad to avoid. >> people are sick when you go to the e.r. and you're waiting and kids are coughing on you and
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stuff. it's like -- there's more germs it seems like when you're waiting. it's just stressful. >> reporter: the new service is available to both adult and pediatric patients who are not facing major health issues. >> this is for minor things so you're sprains, your sore throats, earaches, minor things. if you get cut and you think you need stitches this is absolutely for you. >> reporter: if you sign up online and your symptoms are serious a nurse will advice you to get to the emergency room right away. because the e.r. may see a sudden surge of patients the number of appointments daily will vary but you'll be notified if doctors can't see you at the appointed time. >> it will send you a text message like the airline does if you're flight is late. you'll get a text message this 2:00 time slot won't be honored and it explains what to do. to go in and take another slot or whatever. >> reporter: nurses say the service helping them prepare in advance for patient's needs.
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>> they know they're going to be seen in a very short amount of time and they don't have to wait in the waiting room. they'll get their answers to their medical problems much soon. >> reporter: so far, 95 patients have taken advantage of this service almost all of them were seen within 15 minutes of their assigned time slot. maryann favreau, nbc bay area news. an update of the tragic story of the oakland family shot while feeding the homeless. >> the father has died and the man's wife is speaking out sharing her grief and outrage. paris powell, known as brother john by those who he helped, was taken off life support last night. he and his family were delivering hot meals to the homeless in east oakland on tuesday night when someone opened fire on the family's van shooting powell in the head. his pregnant wife, who also took a bullet in the arm, says she has no idea why anyone would take aim at the family.
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lolita powell said her husband lived to serve others. >> we always look at it from the aspect, it could be us. what if this was us? what if one day we're in the same situation, you know? like i said, no one wakes up and says, hey, i want to be homeless. no one. >> such an emotional story. the couple's 3-year-old daughter also suffered gunshot wounds. a bullet went through little shala's arm and grazed her head. mom and daughter will recover but remain devastated by their loss. community effort helped to recover a gun involved in an officer-involved shooting in the bay view district. police shot kenneth harding on july 16th but investigators say the ballistic tests show the bullet that killed harding came from his own gun. officers were led to a semiautomatic pistol and today san francisco police confirmed it is, indeed, harding's gun.
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the investigation 23450 what led up to the shooting is still ongoing. and on the lookout for a flasher. this is the man. police say the suspect approached a child near foothill expressway monday morning and exposed himself and then drove off in a black ford truck with stickers on the tailgate. if you have any information, you're asked to call the police. that clock is still ticking and the showdown on the debt ceiling isn't getting better. house republicans were scheduled to take a vote a short time ago on a plan pushed by majority leader john boehner but late this afternoon the vote was delayed. insiders say boehner didn't have enough support from conservatives to get it passed. the plan to race the debt ceiling in two stages would likely have been defeated in the senate but passage in the house could have put more pressure on the democrats to compromise before that august 2nd deadline. >> congress has a way of waiting until the last minute to do the unright thing. we remain confident that it
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will. will have y news" more on behind the scenes on capitol hill on another critical day and that's at 5:30 with brian williams. and secretary of transportation, ray la hood, pleaded to get the federal aviation commission back to work. he said more than 70,000 workers attached to the faa are cut in the mess. they're out of work during the funding fight. some were furloughed but the vast majority were working on airport construction projects like the one in oakland. the stalemate is costing the government $200 million a week on uncollected taxes on airline tickets which most air carriers are indirectly pocketing. up next, uncovering a terror plot. new information about a planned attack on a military base. the details that point to a deranged soldier trying to copy another disaster. also, the controversial debate on circumcision.
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>> and the obesity epidemic that's putting thousands of women with the chance of a stroke. and i'm life nu gilroy where festival hours are sure to electrify and jump-start all of your senses and has a little something to do with this. we're in the kitchen tonight and we're cooking up a taste of the gilroy garlic festival. forecast coming upyour >> here it comes. coming down! [ female announcer ] what's so great about jcp cash? no exclusions! with jcp cash, earn ten dollars off when you spend just twenty-five storewide. and unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get ten dollars off with no exclusions! we make style affordable, you make it yours! jcpenney.
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pg&e began digging into the blast. they ordered today's excavation as part of their investigation into the explosion last september. the blast and fire killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. people living near the pipeline got a surprise phone call alerting them to the work. the cpuc wants a closer inspection of the gas line. the city has let the 72 foot long, 26-foot wide crater opened for investigators who are requested access to it and the digging is expected to be over by the end of the this weekend. a judge denied them but they don't back down. activists that want to ban circumcision are considering an appeal. a local judge struck down the measure. demonstrators on both sides waited outside the courthouse as the judge issued her final ruling and determined that the proposed law violates an existing california law that makes regulating medical procedures the responsibility of the state and not the cities. >> circumcision has been
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practiced by the jewish community for nearly 4,000 years. a very important and integral part of our faith and tradition. we didn't want to see mr. skoefield ledgislate away our tradition. >> everybody has freedom of expression especially the person undergoing the surgery. they can choose to have it when they're older and know what they're doing. >> reporter: if the judge had allowed the measure to go on the ballot san francisco would have been the first city in the nation to vote on the procedure. a two-year wait for justice could come an end for the families of two berkeley graduates in an iranian prison. a hearing in the spying case of shane bower and josh fattal will be on monday and their families hope this ends the end of their ordeal. the two men were hiking near the iran/iraq border and they were captured and charged with spies. one was released because of health issues.
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the families are planning a rally outside the u.n. in new york. topping the health watch, an alarming new statistic. more and more women are having babies and then having strokes. rising rates of obesity tornado high blood pressure are suspected of putting thousands of new mothers at risk for the dangerous health problem. stroke among pregnant women increased by almost 50% during the last ten years. many pregnancy-related strokes are uncommon in the general population. the result of blood clots in the vains of the head and there are warning signs. >> someone who gets a headache and it won't go away and it's getting worse and worse every day, that could be an emergency. >> paying attention to those symptoms, getting good prenatal care and controlling your blood pressure are keys to a healthy pregnancy. big changes coming to your tylenol pills. johnson & johnson announced it's louering the maximum daily dose of extra-strength tylenol to reduce the accidental risk of
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acetaminophen and if taken in excess it can lead tolliver failure or death. acetaminophen is found in prescription pain killers and over-the-counter products and people taking multiple medications war craft don't know how much they're taking. the change should come sometime this fall. heat-related illnesses send thousands of people to the e.r. playing football and walking were the most common activities leading to heat-related hospital visits and experts say heat illness is 100% preventible. if you have to be outside for long periods of time experts say wear light clothing, stay hydrated and take frequent breaks. early symptoms of heat illness are dehydration, nausea, vomiting, headaches and dizziness. >> where in the world is jeff? i think we smell him? >> we something something strong. from the gilroy garlic
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festival. >> are you here for smell avision upgrade? you're a scratch-and-sniff. >> the snell of garlic is all over the town of gilroy. it's like being in a big pisa oven with temperatures in the 90s. garlic is just about as electrifying as my shirt throughout gilroy. synonymous with the city as they're not only the largest shipper of garlic in the united states but in the entire world. in fact, the population of 50,000 nearly -- more than doubles when the festival comes to town and joining us tonight we have curt with us with the gilroy garlic festival. this is a world-famous event. tell us about what we have coming up this weekend. >> we've got 44 acts that are going to be on a total of three different stages. our acclaimed pyrochefs that will be cooking garlic for everybody. some phenomenal food where it scampi or --
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>> garlic gets a bad rap for obvious reasons pap why should people come out here, even if you're not a garlic lover, and give it a try? >> we have great music and the kwert is going to be perfect as you've just described and when it comes to cooking people love to cook and garlic is the mainstay of cooking so there's lots to learn. >> what's one of your most popular dishes real quick. >> our most popular and one that i is the calamari. i love it. >> come on over to that. hey, steve, how you doing over here? >> good. >> we're going to flame up this stuff in gourmet alley here other the gilroy festival. >> get the flame up, baby. >> fire in the hole, baby! >> it's stir fry calamari and these are the pyrochefs in action. we got to back up from the flame. that is hot! a couple hundred degrees there, steve. >> how long does that go for? >> that's very hot. it cooks up real quick. it only takes about two or three minutes to cook. once we get it in there we get
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our spices going and bobby is putting some white wine in there to deglaze it and we got red pepper and some salt and pepper -- >> reporter: you're one brave man. we'll taste it when we come back. this stuff is amazing. that is hot. our forecast is going to get hot but not that hot. here's our weather headlines over the next 48 hours. these guys are daredevils. we're going to have fog at the coastline and then gradual warming with a region of high pressure moving in. when you step out of your car you don't need to be in the kitchen area and you can just smell the garlic from the world's largest producer of garlic i the entire bay area and also, in the nation. as we take a look at our forecast for tomorrow, temperatures warming up into the 80s by 11:00. and then we're looking at 90s down here into the south bay.
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so it's all about the gilroy garlic festival this friday, saturday and sunday. starts at 10:00 a.m. and goes to the materially evening. parking the free and admission ranges up to $17. one thingic to remember about ts festival that's different is it goes towards a great cause. many local charities benefiting. over the past 33 years this has been going on and they've raiseder over $5 million. all right. so as we look at our seven-day forecast, temperatures will be warming up into the 90s and we have our stir fry calamari that's finished. this is phenomenal. come on down and take a look. it looks pretty sweet. can we try it or is it too hot? >> you got to eat it hot. >> that is hot. >> careful. >> careful. >> how is it? >> reporter: it is amazing, you guys. it's hot back here. >> you need to cool your tongue down. >> i'll bring you some back. >> my mouth is sal -- scope is
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passing out free samples of mouth wash. so no need to worry about the whole garlic thing. >> got it. >> i don't think jeff has any eyebrows left. >> jeff ranieri from the garlic capital of the world. >> thanks, jeff. did twitter spark a riot? how a los angeles pr stunt went horribly wrong. and not a laughing matter sed it makes ahi g how the country's economic woes are being explained via rap.
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first he went awol and now a soldier is accused of planning a terror attack on a military base. 21-year-old nasser abdu in a hotel near fort hood, texas, with weapons and showives stashed in the room. he refused to deploy to
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afghanistan because of his religious beliefs and applied for a discharge as a conscientious object. >> if you feel that being in the military, violates your conscience, use this army regulation because that's what it's here for. >> abdu went awol after he was charged with possessing child pornography. he said he wanted to attack fellow soldiers outside fort hood. this is the same military base were 13 people were killed in a 2009 shooting spree. a street party today for lady gaga put on by jimmy kimmel has los angeles police very nervous. a riot broke out the other day for a similar event. a dejay tweeted he was holding a block party and it got out of hand and police had to arrest several people. lady gaga's concert will go on but security will be extra tight and fingers crossed everything will go smoothly. >> back in a moment. stay with us.
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"raise the debt ceiling". >> if you look at the chart and examine the trend we borrow 40 cents of every single dollar we spend. do you have a comment for committee? raise the debt ceiling ♪ >> he's getting there. an american comedian is becoming a youtube sensation. his rap called "raise the debt ceiling." raised in arlington, virginia, so he knows all about the beltway and he's well acquainted the in and outs of politics and can work a turn table. he skewers everyone. his previous rap hit is called
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saudis and outies. check it out on youtube. >> maybe it will help people decipher what's really going on in washington. >> should we tell them the truth? in the teleprompter we eer -- c do it! >> thanks so much!
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